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Collectivo Documentation

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A modular platform for your community

Collectivo is an open-source framework for buildig community platforms. It allows you to create a digital space, where users can interact with each other and organize together. Thanks to its modular design, the platform is completely flexible and can include many different features. Good software for all! :)

Get in touch

If you are interested in using Collectivo or contributing to its development, please join the conversation on our Discord server, subscribe to our Newsletter, or write to

Technical overview

Collectivo consists of three key applications:

  • Community app: The heart of Collectivo, a digital plattform for your community - built with Nuxt. It is easy to customize and extend, multilingual, and mobile-friendly.

  • Data studio: Collectivo uses Directus on the backend. This offers you a modern data studio to manage content, create visualizations, track changes, and automate workflows.

  • Single sign-on: Collectivo uses Keycloak for identity and access management. This makes it possible for users to have only one account for multiple applications.


Screenshot Community App Screenshot Data Studio


  • Dashboard: Add dynamic tiles to the landing page of your platform.
  • Messages: Create templates, send email campaigns, and schedule automated notifications to communicate with your users.
  • Memberships: Create custom application forms, manage memberships, and let members manage their own data.
  • Payments: Create and manage invoices.
  • Your own ideas? Start creating your own custom features or get in touch.

Currently under construction:

  • Shifts: Coordinate working shifts within your community.
  • Organizational structures: Represent working groups and roles of your organizations.
  • Decision-making: Use the plattform for voting and collective decision-making processes.

Documentation structure

The rest of this documentation is structured as follows:

  • Installation & configuration: This guide is for administrators who want to install, configure, and publish a Collectivo platform for their community.
  • Extension development: This guide is for developers who want to create custom extensions for the Collectivo platform.
  • API Reference: Detailed technical documention.


Collectivo is a collaboration of the Austrian cooperative MILA Mitmach-Supermarkt and the IT collective convive*. It has received funding from AK Wien Digifonds and Wirtschaftsagentur Wien.

Funded by AK Digifond Funded by Wirtschaftsagentur Wien